Saturday, February 28, 2009

FDC from Russia/FDC de la Russie


6 (R). multicoloured. Moscow. Bridge over Moscow-river.
7 (R). multicoloured. Kimry. Bridge over Volga.
8 (R). multicoloured. Surgut. Bridge over Ob.
9 (R). multicoloured. St-Petersburg. Bridge over Neva.

FDC from Poland/FDC de la Pologne

I love you/Je t'amie

"In order to commemorate St. Valentine's Day, Poczta Polska presents for the fifteenth time a special postage stamp which features the symbol of good fortune and luck - a four leaf clover. Its leaves are presented as hearts, one of which - the unique, pink one, is there just for you! The FDC, apart from the clover, also features a citation from George Sand (1804-1876), a French writer of the Romanticism period who was desperately in love with Chopin (1810-1849): "There is only one kind of true fortune in life - it is to love, and to be loved back." The FDC also features an occasional date stamp, in use in Chełmno 1 Post Office. On account of the issue, numerous Valentine's Day events take place in the town of Chełmno, and Poczta Polska actively participates in them through organising, among others, a philatelic exhibition featuring all the stamps in the "I love you" series, published since 1992."-Poland Post

FDC from DPRK (North Korea)/FDC de Corée du Nord

50th Anniv. of Founding of the Worker-Peasant Red Guard /
Le 50ème Anniversaire de Fondation du Paysan-ouvrier la Garde Rouge

The Worker-Peasant Red Guard were founged on January 14, Juche 48 (1959) under the initiative and leadership of President Kim Il Sung.
A stamp and a souvenir sheet were issued to mark the 50th anniversary of founding of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards.-Korean stamp Co.,

Friday, February 27, 2009

FDC from Taiwan/FDC du Taiwan

Cover to South Ossetia, return from Georiga.
l'enveloppe à Ossétie du Sud, revenez de Géorgie.

2008(97).12.15:Send from Taipei, To South Ossetia
(Хуссар Ирыстон; Южная Осетия), Via Russia→ Vladikavkaz (Владикавка́з), North Ossetia→ enter South Ossetia, left Vladikavkaz to Georiga.→
22.01.2009:Write "Force Major", return from Georiga→
2.2.09-11:Arrived Taipei
There is censor open on the left side of cover.

PS: This is third time I send to South Ossetia and also third time cannot
Could anyone can explain "Force Major" mean?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

FDC from DPRK (North Korea)/FDC de Corée du Nord

New Year stamp of Juche 98 (2009)/
Timbre de nouvel an de Juche 98 (2009)

Note:Postage on the FDC is enough for registered airmail postage, but
post office
of DPRK forget to put registered label on and mail by airmail only.

Friday, February 13, 2009

FDC from Russia/FDC de la Russie

The monuments of science and technique-Bicycles./
Les monuments de science et la technique-Bicyclettes.

stamps by clockwise:
Collapsible bicycle of the military sample of "Leytner". Russia. 1917.
Racing track bicycle GM-30. The USSR. 1938
Road female bicycle V-22. The USSR. 1954.
Bicycle ZiCh-1. The USSR. 1946.

FDC from Russia/FDC de la Russie

Russia is the world champion in hockey-2008/
La Russie est le champion du monde en 2008 de hockey.

FDC from Russia/FDC de la Russie

The 100th anniversary of Shuvalov swimming school
Le 100ème anniversaire d'école de natation de Shuvalov

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Postcrossing ( V )

Friday, February 6, 2009

FDC from Japan/FDC du Japon

The 60th Anniversary of Enforcement of The Local Autonomy Law Series-Shimane Prefecture/
Le soixantième anniversaire de l'application de la loi locale d'autonomie-Préfecture de Shimane

"Shimane Prefecture (島根県, Shimane-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chugoku region on Honshu island. The capital is Matsue. It is the second least populous prefecture in Japan, next to the Tottori Prefecture that is a neighboring prefecture on the east side. The prefecture has an area elongated from east to west facing the Chugoku Mountain Range on the south side and to the Sea of Japan on the north side. Most of the cities are near the shoreline of the Sea of Japan. There is Izumo Taisha in Izumo City, which is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan.

The Oki Islands in the Sea of Japan are also part of Shimane Prefecture, which also claims to have jurisdiction over the South Korea-controlled island of Liancourt Rocks (Takeshima)."-wiki

"Shimane (島根県, shimaneken) est une préfecture du Japon située au nord du Chugoku, sur l'île de Honshu.


La préfecture de Shimane se trouve à l'emplacement des anciennes provinces d'Iwami, d'Izumo et d'Oki.

Pendant la période Muromachi, le clan Kyogoku possédait les provinces d'Izumo et d'Oki.


Elle est bordée des préfectures de Tottori, Hiroshima et Yamaguchi.


Dans la préfecture de Shimane, le principal employeur reste l'industrie. Mishiyama et Jutendo sont des exemple d'entreprises implantées dans la région."-wiki

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FDC from Belarus/FDC du Bélarus

Happy New Year!/Bonne année!

Merry X'mas!/Noël

FDC from Hongkong/FDC du Hongkong


"The Judiciary is a cornerstone of our society. Its mission is to maintain an independent and effective judicial system which upholds the rule of law, safeguards the rights and freedoms of the individual, and commands confidence within and outside Hong Kong.

This set of four stamps is issued to pay tribute to the Judiciary. Each stamp features a familiar symbol of the Judiciary:

$1.40 Stamp – The Statue of Justice
The Statue of Justice, represented by the Greek goddess Themis, holds a sword in one hand and scales in the other. The scales represent the impartiality with which justice is served and the sword symbolises the power that is held by those making the decision. The statue is blindfolded to show that justice is not subject to influence. The Statue is located at the Old Supreme Court (it is where the Legislative Council Chambers has been housed since 1985).

$2.40 Stamp – The Court of Final Appeal
The Court of Final Appeal is the final appellate court in Hong Kong. It was established on 1 July 1997 pursuant to the Basic Law. It hears appeals on civil and criminal matters from the High Court, and may confirm, reverse or vary the decision of the lower courts. The Court of Final Appeal is headed by the Chief Justice, who is the President of the court. The Court of Final Appeal is the former French Mission Building, which was occupied successively by the Education Department headquarters, the Victoria District Court, the Supreme Court, and the Information Services Department. It is one of the declared monuments in Hong Kong.

$3 Stamp – Judicial Robes
Judicial robes, including wigs, are a uniform that underlines the dignity and impartiality of the judicial process. The design of Judges’ robes remains the same after Hong Kong’s change of sovereignty in 1997. In the case of the Court of Final Appeal established on 1 July 1997, new judicial robes had to be designed. Judicial robes are regarded by many as a distinctive symbol of the continuation of the common law in Hong Kong. The stamp presents the judicial attire for different courts, namely (from left to right), the Court of Final Appeal, the Magistrates’ Courts, the District Court (for criminal cases) and the Court of First Instance of the High Court (for criminal cases).

$5 Stamp – The Chief Justice’s Mace
The Mace is a ceremonial staff that symbolises the office of the Chief Justice and the institution of the independent Judiciary upholding the rule of law. Since 1 July 1997, the emblem of the HKSAR has replaced the crown at the top of the staff. Each January, the Judiciary organizes the Ceremonial Opening of the Legal Year to focus public attention on the rule of law and the administration of justice. At the Ceremonial Opening, the Mace is carried by a mace-bearer preceding the Chief Justice."-Hong Kong Post