Saturday, April 18, 2009

FDC from South Korea/FDC de Coree du Sud

The 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Philippines/
Le 60ème Anniversaire de Relations Diplomatiques entre la Corée et le Philippines

"2009 is a meaningful year that celebrates the 60th anniversary of Korea forming diplomatic ties with the Philippines. The Philippines is a friendly nation that sent more than 7,000 soldiers, as a part of the UN forces, to Korea during the Korean War. Korea and the Philippines have solidified their relations on the basis of goodwill and friendship in diverse areas. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations formed between Korea and the Philippines, new stamps are issued jointly with the Philippines Post, which features Korea’s “Sonori (Cow Play) in Hangawi” and the Philippines’ “Panagbenga Flower Festival.” “Sonori (Cow Play) in Hangawi” Hangawi (Chuseok) that falls on the 15th of August by the lunar calendar is one of the biggest national holidays in Korea, when people celebrate the year’s good harvest and observe worship service to family ancestors. At this time, when newly harvested grains and fruits are abundant, as indicated in the saying “May every day be neither more nor less than Hangawi!”, the Sonori is performed. To the tune of cheerful musical instruments of the farmer’s band, two people put on straw mats shaped like a cow and visit door to door, wishing for a year of good harvest and peace and tranquility. Panagbenga Flower Festival in the Philippines Panagbenga Flower Festival is held for a month every February at Baguio, the Philippines’ summer capital. Following a spectacular car festooned with floral decorations, for which this festival is known, dancers and the citizens who decorate themselves with flowers march through the streets, playing cheerful music."-Korea Post

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