Thursday, June 2, 2011

FDC from North Korea/FDC de la Corée du Nord


Chollima or Chonma is the Korean name for a mythical horse. Its name roughly means "thousand-mile horse", is often portrayed as a winged horse and several such statues are found in the North Korean capital Pyongyang. It is also the nickname of the North Korean national football team. The Chollima Movement was also named after the creature.

The Chollima Movement
was a state-sponsored movement in North Korea, analogous to the Chinese Great Leap Forward, intended to promote rapid economic development. It was launched in 1956. North Korea intensified the work-harder campaign by launching the "three-revolution movement" in 1973. As in other countries, the state planning mechanism allowed for the total utilization of resources, hence resulting in rapid industrialization. However, after some time, the movement failed to continue to achieve the same results, because the capacity of the labour supply was fully taken up, whilst technology and technique were still lacking.

Note: D. P. R. of Korea post restart international registered mail after two years of disruption.

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