Friday, October 14, 2011

FDC from Taiwan/FDC de Taïwan

100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of China(TAIWAN)/
100e anniversaire de la fondation de la République de Chine (Taïwan)

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of China, Chunghwa Post will issue a set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet on the republic’s 100th birthday: October 10, 2011. The designs follow:

1. Each of the four stamps depicts a major stage in the development of the ROC:

(1) The Founding of the Republic (NT$5): The stamp features the national flag and a portrait of the founding father Dr. Sun Yat-sen. In the background are a group of flying doves, symbols of peace, and lyrics to the national anthem. The stamp conveys Sun Yat-sen’s sacrifices and devotion to the revolution, which led to the establishment of the first republic in Asia.

(2) Agricultural and Economic Development (NT$5): Featuring a copy of the ROC constitution, the Presidential Office Building, and abundant agricultural produce, the stamp symbolizes agricultural development during the early days of the ROC in Taiwan.

(3) Transportation Infrastructure (NT$10): The stamp features Taoyuan International Airport’s newly renovated Terminal I building, a highway, an airplane, and a ship. These images demonstrate the country’s transportation infrastructure, economic development and trade growth, as well as its global vision.

(4) High Technology Development (NT$25): The foreground features a high-speed train and IC wafers. Fiber-optic cables, a parabolic dish for satellite or radar transmissions, and a globe with crisscrossing latitude and longitude lines can be seen in the background. The stamp conveys how this country is striving to raise its technological capabilities to be on a par with the most advanced nations of the world.

Also released is a souvenir sheet (NT$25). The color scheme of the sheet reflects the blue sky, white sun and red earth of the national flag. The design features the national flag, the Presidential Office Building and a portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen with the ROC constitution as the background.

2.  The stamps are printed in a se-tenant strip of four with special perforations of the numerals “1,” “0,” and “0” between the individual stamps. Each stamp has the design of “100” as background. As befitting a celebratory occasion, the logo of the centennial is placed on each stamp and souvenir sheet whereas the Chinese and English characters and the denominations are printed in gold color. Some special techniques are also adopted in printing the souvenir sheet, ex: the title printed with foil, the wordings “In Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding” is hot stamped with optical variable film, and the Chinese for “the Republic of China Stamp”, as well as English words “REPUBLIC OF CHINA (TAIWAN)” and the denomination are printed in gold color.

A stamp folio will be released along with the stamps. The folio includes a set of the commemorative issue and a souvenir sheet, a “2nd Print of the National Flower Postage Stamp”, a “Fireworks Display Postage Stamps” and a limited edition specimen of the commemorative souvenir sheet. Also included are five postal cards, four of which are affixed with a relative stamp from this issue, and pre-cancelled. Both the folio and the postal cards have a double cross design which resemble the Chinese character for ten to symbolize “Double Tenth Day”—i.e. the national day of the Republic of China on October 10. On an interleaf, the lyrics to the ROC national anthem are embossed while printing. The design of the folio, both of its inside and its cover, are very creative.

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