Monday, July 28, 2014

[TAIWAN] New Issue: National Taiwan Library 100th Anniversary Commemorative Issue

Date of issue: August 9, 2014

The predecessor of the National Taiwan Library was the Taiwan Governor-general’s Office Library established in 1914, during the Japanese Occupation Period. It was rechristened several times: the Taiwan Province Administrative Governor Library; the Taiwan Province Taipei Library; the National Central Library Taiwan Branch; and finally, the National Taiwan Library, the name and the reorganization of which were approved by the Executive Yuan on January 1, 2013. It is the oldest public library in Taiwan. 

The Library houses a remarkable cumulation of Taiwan’s historic records that dates back to the Japanese Occupation Period. The Library is revered for its rich book collection and readily available resources for readers; it aims at upgrading library serviceableness and social education. In addition to the pioneering "Children’s Reading Room," "BookMobile," and "Book Restoration Services," the Library also works to improve its versatility development by inaugurating "the Information Center for the Visually Impaired," "Taiwan Library Infirmary," and "Taiwan Study Research Center." The Library also keeps abreast with the high-tech development to build a digital library, a testament to the spirit of contemporary-mindedness.

In celebrating the Library’s 100th anniversary, Chunghwa Post is issuing a NT$12 stamp, with “Taiwan Governor-general’s Office Library" – its predecessor, and the contemporary "National Taiwan Library" as the theme. 

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