Thursday, December 17, 2009

FDC from Taiwan/FDC du Taiwan

First Anniversary of the Cross-strait Direct Mail Service Commemorative Postage Label/
Premier anniversaire de la Croix-détroit Direct Mail Service commémoratif Timbre de distributeur

To mark the first anniversary of direct exchange of mail service between the ROC and mainland China, Chunghwa Post is issuing a postage label on December 15, 2009.
Each individual label bears a serial number, which consists of two English letters (representing the roll number) and four Arabic numerals. A total of 800,000 labels will be issued.
To symbolize the exchange of direct mail, the label features a ship, a cargo plane, and a map featuring Taiwan's northern coast as well as the coastal areas of mainland China across the Taiwan Strait.
There also a rainbow set against a blue sky and white clouds, which gives a celebratory tone to the anniversary of this event.

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