Sunday, June 13, 2010

FDC from North Korea/FDC de la Corée du Nord

National musical instruments/
Instruments de musique nationaux

The stamp were issued to show the Korean national musical instruments.

12 won stamp: Saenap
As a traditional wind instrument it has been widely used in the army and peasant music and dancing group from late Koryo.

80 won stamp: Drum
It is a national percussion instrument which has been widely used from olden times together with Janggo.
One can play it by striking in the right hand while laying it on the wooden frame or carrying it on the shoulder.

140 won stamp: Sogonghu
It has been used at a national stringed instrument from ancient times.

170 won stamp: Flute
It is a national wood-wind instrument.
It has been widely used in playing instrumental music including solo, ensemble since it has elegant and lonesome timbre.

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