Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FDC from Germany/FDC de l'Allemagne

1000 years Mainz Cathedral Consecration/
1000 années Cathédrale de Mayence Consécration

With its six towers, rises the impressive Cathedral St. Martin Mainz in the Old Town. This was today's symbol of the city 1000 years ago a disastrous start. On the very day of his consecration, the end of August 1009, burnt down the cathedral and only the two powerful Bronzetürflügel of the portal market today have been preserved. Immediately, the then Archbishop Willigis began to rebuild the cathedral, which was finally consecrated in 1036 by Archbishop Bardo, so called the oldest part of the present church building as Willigis-Bardo Cathedral. The cathedral is marked by different styles due to demolitions and reconstructions, and by changes in the style of architecture over the centuries.

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