Thursday, April 8, 2010

FDC fron Vietnam/FDC du Vietnam

Ornamental Fish/Les poissons d'ornement

The hobby of collecting and raising aquarium fish appeared 2500 years ago, firstly from China, and then spread to South East Asian countries. Until the 17th century, aquarium fish was brought to Europe, America and raising aquarium fish has become a hobby of many people world-wide. Up to now, there are many kinds of ornamental fish in different shapes & colours have been cross-bred.

Raising aquarium fish has been considered a profitable job for every household. Apart from economic value, it also makes human life more pleasant. Thus, the hobby of collecting & raising aquarium fish has attracted numerous people at all ages in the world.

In Vietnam Stamp Collection, there are many issues of ornamental fish such as: Gold fish, Exotic fish, Ornamental fish, Tropical fish, Siamese fighting fish, Coral sea-fish...

2,000d: Botia macracanthus

3,000d: Trichopsis pumila

6,500d: Cynolebias elongatus

10,500d: Centropyge flavissima

14,500d(S/S): Scleropages formosus

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