Friday, September 25, 2009

FDC from South Korea/FDC de la Corée du Sud

Asia Becoming One through Stamps/
L'Asie Devenant Un par les Timbres

As is known by all of us, a stamp is attached to an envelop as an indication of the fee paid to send a piece of mail. The letter attached with a stamp, as if it had wings, flies across the sea, treks through the desert, and travels across the jungle to send the message across to the world. Besides playing such a role, the stamp has been an object that is widely collected and appreciated as the smallest-sized work of art in the world. The big world in a small square, the funny and interesting stories contained in stamps, and the stamps that continue to evolve in line with the changing times enchant all of us. Through the medium of such tiny stamps, numerous people around the world communicate and interchange with each other. At PHILAKOREA 2009 24th Asian International Stamp Exhibition, we can meet the Asia that, through stamps, becomes one and lives together in unity. PHILAKOREA 2009 that will be held from July 30 to August 4, 2009, is the first Asian International Stamp Exhibition to be held in Korea. Held under the patronage of FIAP which has 32 Asian countries as members, this exhibition will provide a wonderful opportunity to understand Asia’s history, culture and life. Wishing for the success of PHILAKOREA 2009, commemorative stamps are issued, featuring the award-winning works in the Youth Category of the 2009 International Postage Stamp Design Contest: the Grand Prize-wining work by Jaeseong YUN of Korea and Award of Excellence-winning work by Yu Hoi Dick Cherie of Hong Kong, China.

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