Friday, September 25, 2009

FDC from South Korea/FDC de la Corée du Sud

Old & Historic Trees of Korea/
Arbres vieux et Historiques de la Corée

Through the new “Old & Historic Trees of Korea Series,” superb and beautiful trees that represent Korea and are the basis for cherished and mysterious legends will be introduced during the next 4 years. Fir tree in Cheonhwangsa temple, Jinan (Natural Monument No. 495) Boasting the largest size among fir trees in our country, the 400 year-old fir tree in Cheonhwangsa Temple, Jinan is 35m tall and 5.2m in circumference. Planted on a mountainside south of Cheonhwangsa Temple in wishing for the prosperity of the temple, the majesty of this tree overwhelms its surroundings. Zelkova tree, Danjeon-ri, Jangseong (Natural Monument No. 478) Displaying the elegance of the semicircle-shaped tree, the zelkova tree in Danjeon-ri, which is 10.5m in circumference, is the thickest among all zelkova trees documented so far. Called “Janggun Namu (a general’s tree),” this tree is regarded as a divine tree because it was planted to commemorate a general who died defending his nation during the Japanese invasion of Korea. Seoksongnyeong, Cheonhyang-ri, Yecheon (Natural Monument No. 294) With thick side branches spreading out as far as 30m, this tree is approximately 600 years old. A resident of the village who loved this tree named it Seoksongnyeong and bequeathed his land, making it one of the most rare trees in the world to possess its own property. Gingko tree, Yongmunsa temple, Yangpyeong (Natural Monument No. 30) As the tallest and oldest gingko tree in our country, this tree is 41m tall and is estimated to be 1,100 years old. Legend says that this tree has sent warnings by crying out whenever Korea has faced a great crisis. This tree was even granted an official rank during the Joseon Dynasty.

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