Friday, September 25, 2009

FDC from South Korea/FDC de la Corée du Sud

Love for the Earth/Amour pour la Terre

The earth is dying! Snow is falling in Africa. Unseasonable waves of cold and scorching heat are battering the earth. Glaciers in the polar regions are melting, causing coastlines to sink under water. Human efforts to make their lives more convenient and bountiful such as the industrial and technological revolutions have led to many problems such as the release of industrial wastes, destruction of the ozone layer, global warming, disruption of the eco system, etc. And now, human life itself is being threatened. Wouldn’t you think all of these problems are the earth’s warning to stop the reckless development and abuse of the nature, which resulted from selfish human being’s desires? The earth is both an asset for mankind and the basis of the life of our descendents. Now is the time for all mankind to put into practice their love for the earth, in order to rescue our one and only earth. This requires joint efforts across the world: efforts by individuals are called for, not to speak of the efforts at the national level such as energy saving, waste recycling, reduced use of fossil fuels, taking care of the forests, etc. In wishing for a green earth where human beings and nature can live together, new stamp are issued. The new stamps feature the award-winning works of the 2009 International Postage Stamp Design Contest: the Grand Prize-winning work by Seo Hye Min of Korea and the Award of Excellence-wining work by Cho Zaw Aung of Myanmar.

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